Mid Flex Arch Supports

The Mid-Flex is formed in the same shape as the Flex, but it is made of a more sturdy material. Designed to fit comfortably in most dress and athletic shoes, the Mid-Flex is the perfect companion for the athlete who needs a support that will stand up to the rigor of their sport, without interfering with the natural motions of the athletically active foot 지옥의 묵시록. Though the Mid-Flex is strong enough to support all four arches of the middle to high-arched foot, its sleek profile accommodates even tighter dress shoes. With the aid of Velcro®, the Mid-Flex can easily fit into your favorite open-heeled shoes and sandals!

Flexibility: Medium

The Mid-Flex is also named for its flexibility, which is the medium, or “middle,” flexibility level available in Maintainers 페그오 일괄. The sturdy material makes it ideal for customers with arches of average height and flexibility, who stand or walk for extended periods of time. The Mid-Flex is our most popular flexibility of maintainer; it is stable enough to support all four arches comfortably, yet is flexible enough to accommodate those whose arches are not high or in need of rigid support.

What’s in a Mid-Flex?

Metatarsal Rise

The “front” end of the Mid-Flex features a small lump. This is called the “metatarsal rise,” and it is designed to help take pressure off the ball of the foot and the toes every time the foot takes a step jsp 외부파일 다운로드.

What Does It Do, And How Can It Help?

By properly supporting the metatarsal arch, the metatarsal rise lifts up the bones in the ball of the foot, effectively preventing them from hitting the ground too hard every time the foot pushes off for a step. This means that the metatarsal rise in the Mid-Flex can help reduce pain caused by corns, calluses, and excess pressure on the ball of the foot. The Mid-Flex is great for helping to create more room for the toes in tight dress shoes, by lifting up the foot and allowing the toes to relax Best Student Association.

The metatarsal rise on the Mid-Flex is much less aggressive than the same feature in the Exerciserarch supports. The Mid-Flex’s metatarsal rise is designed to provide support to the active foot, preventing the ball of the foot from hitting the ground too hard, and distributing pressure away from the toes Bombing. Due to its strong construction, the Mid-Flex can significantly reduce the pressure caused to the foot by impact during high-contact sports.

The metatarsal rise on the Mid-Flex helps to support the ligaments and tendons in the forefoot, as the entire foot works during strenuous or sports activities. The Mid-Flex’s metatarsal rise helps to maintain the forefoot in the ideal pressure-distribution pattern, by properly dispersing body weight through the foot with each step 인 타임. This means that the metatarsal rise on the Mid-Flex can significantly improve sports performance, by ensuring that the active foot is stable, even while pivoting from the ball of the foot.

Heel Platform
The heel end of the Mid-Flex is a “heel platform;” a tapered end that fits the shape of the heel, yet does not cup the fatty pad of the heel to align each step 인랑 2018. The heel platform helps to support the transverse arch, while allowing enough freedom for the heel to roll and twist naturally during sports and leisure activities.

What Does It Do, And How Can It Help?
The heel platform of the Mid-Flex supports the Transverse arch, which is located in front of the heel Download Yonsei University software. This arch includes a sensitive spot where the very important Plantar Fascia ligament connects to the heel bone. By supporting the transverse arch, the Mid-Flex can help protect the heel against inflammation of the Plantar Fascia ligament, while still allowing the foot the freedom it needs to perform during sports or leisure activities.

Though it supports the heel during gait, the heel platform on the Mid-Flex is primarily designed to maintain the foot in its ideal position for proper distribution of body weight during gait Car 3. Because the heel platform on the Mid-Flex allows the heel to move, it is ideal for use during sports that require the foot to roll or propel the body from side to side, such as tennis or basketball.

The lower profile of the heel platform allows the Mid-Flex to fit comfortably in open-heeled dress shoes, with the aid of some Good Feet Velcro attached to the bottom of the support Download minitab 16. Many happy customers use the Mid-Flex every day to ensure all four arches of each foot are supported in all of their fashion-forward shoes. The Mid-Flex is also popular with military personnel in their boots as well as athletes looking for a edge on the competition.

Inner And Outer Longitudinal Arch Support
The Mid-Flex also features support for the inner and outer arches of the feet. These are designed to stabilize the foot during gait, to help prevent it rolling inward or outward with each step. As an arch support of middle flexibility, the Mid-Flex gently sustains the proper alignment of the flexible foot, while still promoting healthy freedom of motion for the active foot.

What Does It Do, And How Does It Help?
By supporting all four arches of the foot, the Mid-Flex helps to properly distribute pressure through the entire foot, thereby preventing any one part of the foot from taking on too much pressure.

The Mid-Flex’s inner and outer longitudinal arches stabilize the foot during gait, helping to prevent pronation and supination (rolling inward or outward). By stabilizing the foot, the Mid-Flex helps to promote proper gait, thereby reducing excess stress in the ankles, knees and hips. The Mid-Flex’s medium flexibility level makes it the perfect Maintainer for those who need moderate motion-control in their dress and athletic shoes.

As Part Of A Complete Good Feet Arch Support System, The Mid-Flex Is Ideal For:





      Working (boots, shoes, etc.)


      and contact sports


    Leisure, casual and dress shoes