Heel Pain

What Causes Heel Pain?

One of the most common foot problems experienced by Clients at Good Feet is heel pain.

Pain in the heel is a general symptom for variety of conditions in the foot. It can be really bad foot problem or just an effect of excessive exercise and stress on the foot. But heel pain should never be taken lightly because this may be a symptom of something far worse and should be treated right away.

Heel pain is common in a lot of people, especially those who live a busy lifestyle and find themselves standing, walking, and running for long periods of time. Heel pain is commonly felt under the heel or behind it. Although pain in the heel is very common, it is rarely a health threat and if treated immediately can go away in a matter of days.

Remember that the foot, specifically the heel carries the weight of the entire body whenever we stand up, walk, or run which is why it is important that the footwear you have is comfortable especially if you expect to be standing or walking for long periods.

Symptom of another Foot condition

Heel pain is usually a symptom of another foot condition. This may be plantar fasciitis which is the inflammation of a ligament that runs from the heel bone to the tip of the foot. It could also be because of Severs disease which is common in athletes and children which is caused by overuse of the growth plates in the heel bone. A stress fracture can also cause severe heel pain due to heavy work, and excessive strenuous exercise. In short, heel pain and other foot conditions are caused by overwork and over exercising. Using improper footwear especially those that are too tight fitting and hard can also cause pain in the heel.

Other Causes of Heel Pain

Heel pain may also be caused by other health conditions such as gout, arthritis, a bone cyst or a tendon rupture.

Good Feet highly recommends that all types of pain in the heels should be treated immediately to avoid further inflammation. The use of Good Feet arch supports and good shock absorbing shoes can help alleviate the pain and eventually make it go away.