Podiatry Services

The foot doctor

Your Podiatrist can help you with common foot problems that occur on your feet, such as ingrown toenails and corns Download The London Boys. You may want to see them for advice and treatment if you have thickened or discoloured toenails, cracks or cuts in the skin, scaling or peeling on the soles or any other foot-related problem 배경화면 다운로드. In addition, our Belfast Podiatrist is qualified in beauty therapy for the foot, offering a range of treatments that includes Foot Massages; Gel Nails; Nail Painting, and Cuticle filing 전자 해도. So in addition to your medical treatment you can also experience a relaxing beauty treatment.

Your podiatrist is a type of foot doctor, advising you on how to look after your feet and treating your day-to-day foot problems, including: