Verruca Treatment/Cryo Surgery

VeruccaSymptoms: a verruca (pl 사주박사. verrucae) is a wart, caused by the Human Papilloma Virus. It can be found anywhere on the foot but commonly occurs on the soles of the feet. The classic appearance is cauliflower-like, sometimes containing small black dots which are caused by small blood vessels leaking blood into the verruca 찜하기.

Treatment: Your podiatrist will carry out an assessment of your general health as well as your foot health before embarking on a treatment. These may include: acid which act’s by gently removing the surface of the skin that the virus has infected; cryotherapy, which freezes the verruca with liquid nitrogen, and Silver Nitrate which is a completely painless treatment for Verrucae 기가바이트 스마트 매니저 다운로드.

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