The 3 Step System Explained

Good Feet’s “Three Step System;” A personal fit for any activity, any time.

3 Steps To Comfort

What Is Good Feet’s Revolutionary Three Step System?
Your feet behave differently when you are standing than they do when you are walking, and everything changes completely when you break into a run. No matter what you do, your foot is adapting to your activity, the surface on which you’re walking, and the shoes you’re wearing, all at once! Doesn’t it make sense to have arch supports that adjust to the changing needs of your adaptable feet 킹덤언더파이어?

While satisfying customers all across the nation over the last fifteen years, we have developed a solution to suit even the busiest feet. We call it the Good Feet Three Step System.

The Good Feet Three Step System is designed to provide today’s active individual the support they need for ALL of the things they do, in practically any shoe. Rather than try to engineer just one support that can do everything, we’ve designed versatile support styles that can work together as members of a system, to meet all the arch support needs of the twenty-first century person Download word free resume. All of our arch supports function as either Exercisers, Maintainers, or Relaxers. Each category of arch support performs a unique function in the system.

Exercisers: Improving Foot Alignment
Exercisers are “Step 1” in the Three Step System, and they are designed to “Exercise” the foot. They are engineered to re-position the foot into a more Ideal weight-distribution pattern. The Exerciser is the only support in a Good Feet Three Step System that is designed to change the way the foot is functioning in order to improve total-body alignment 목련화 다운로드.

The Exerciser support is designed to put the foot into the Ideal Foot position, in which all of the body’s weight is evenly distributed throughout the entire foot, so that no single part of the foot takes on more pressure than it is supposed to. But an Exerciser support doesn’t stop there. Exercisers are designed and named for the effect they have on the foot’s composition – they “exercise” the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the feet into a more Ideal alignment. Wearing an Exerciser is like a workout for your feet, except the goal isn’t a slim physique- it’s Ideal skeletal alignment for the whole body.

3 Step Arch SupportsThe Exerciser supports are aggressive, because it takes a lot of support to get the feet to realign themselves Housekeeper. It is important to remember that when you are wearing your Exercisers, they are strengthening your feet- so you should never run or play sports in them. Instead, the Exercisers are perfect for walking, standing, or other activities which allow the body to remain upright.

Because the Exercisers work so hard to re-align the feet, you must be very careful to break them in according to the schedule provided by your Certified Arch Support Fitter. These arch supports are designed to cause heavy-duty changes to the way your feet behave, so be careful and take your break-in period one step at a time, but take note–your Exercisers should never cause you pain Download Mac Eclipse. The good news is that, just like any good workout program, you should eventually get used to your Exercisers, and they’ll become just another part of your active life!

The Exercisers come in many different sizes, shapes and flexibilities, so we can fit feet of practically any size and composition. To find out which Exerciser fits your feet and your lifestyle, schedule a personal fitting with a Good Feet Certified Arch Support Fitter today!

Maintainers: Maintaining Foot Alignment
Maintainers are “Step Two” in the Three Step System, and they are designed to preserve any of the changes your arches go through when you are wearing your “Exerciser” supports Download The Monoder 2. During your initial break-in period, your Maintainers are designed to provide comfortable support every day after you wear your Exercisers.

The Maintainers have much lower profiles and less aggressive arch structures than the Exercisers. This is because their job is not to change the alignment of the feet, but to prevent the feet from falling out of any alignment they may have achieved while wearing the Exercisers.

The Maintainers are slimmer than the Exercisers, and fit easily into most fashion shoes. You can even use Velcro® to wear your Maintainers in open-heeled shoes, sandals, slippers or flip-flops—and they’re pretty much invisible 쿨 애상 mp3! No one will even know you have them on. Your Certified Arch Support Fitter will show you how to use your Maintainers in different shoes.

For athletes, the Maintainer can be a healthy “performance enhancer.” Exercisers are not designed for use during sports activity, but the Maintainers are flexible enough that they can provide just enough support to the active foot during even the highest-impact sports. When all four arches are supported and the skeleton is ideally aligned, the body can perform far more efficiently during sports. Wearing your Maintainers on the course, court and field may help to reduce fatigue and injury.

The Maintainers come in many different sizes, shapes and flexibilities, so we can fit feet of practically any size, composition and activity level adobe photoshop cs2. Your Certified Arch Support Fitter will help you find Maintainers that suit your needs in the shoes you love to wear!

Relaxers: Foot Freedom, The Healthy Way
Relaxers are designed to support three out of four arches to prevent the feet from flattening, while still letting the feet “relax.” Your Relaxers aren’t designed to change or re-align your feet or your body, because their job is to help you take a break from the other arch supports, shoes and activities that make up your lifestyle.

Relaxers are the thinnest, most accommodating arch supports we offer. We designed them to fit in even the tightest dress shoes, sandals and slippers, so they can follow you anywhere. With their low-profile arch, flexible construction and slim silhouette, your Relaxers should feel great- no matter what you’re doing. You can even use Velcro® to fit your Relaxers in high heels, custom-fit boots and flip-flops download os x mavericks. When you have a Relaxer, you don’t have an excuse to go without wearing one of your arch supports.

During the break-in period, your Relaxers are essential. The most important benefit of the Relaxers is that they are designed to “relax” the feet without allowing them to lose their alignment. While you’re working to re-align your body during the first weeks with your new Arch Support System, you’ll use your Relaxers after you are done wearing your Exercisers and Maintainers.

Our Relaxers come in various styles, each with its own unique benefits. Your Certified Arch Support Fitter will help you find Relaxers that fit your needs, and your “difficult” shoes Download sniper player!