The Good Feet Story

15-years-of-excellenceIn the early 90’s, Good Feet’s founder discovered a pair of arch supports that changed his life Download The London Boys. After living with crippling foot
and back pain for years, he could once again stand, walk and even jog for long periods of time—returning him to an active, enjoyable life 배경화면 다운로드. He could do all the things he hadn’t been able to do for years, and he felt like he had a whole new life.

He was so excited about the product and what it had done for him that he decided it was his life’s mission to share them with the world 전자 해도. Together with his wife, he founded the first Good Feet Arch Support Store in Solana Beach, California. Through television advertising, they were able to reach hundreds of thousands of people who were also looking for a solution to their foot, knee, hip and back pain 안드로이드 url 파일. Good Feet became an instant success, and Good Feet Stores began opening all over the country.

Good Feet quickly developed more products and services to meet the demands of its ever-growing customer base Download Hollyviewer. Customers wanted Good Feet Arch Supports for all of their shoes—not just their athletic shoes. People wanted them for loafers, dress shoes—even high heels, so Good Feet’s Research and Development Team created a line of Good Feet Arch Supports that are thin enough to fit in any shoe while providing that same pain relief that Good Feet is famous for 새사랑.


Today, the Good Feet organization includes more than 120 retail locations across North America as well new locations in Kuwait, Belfast, Korea and the U.K Catch me. New stores are opening all the time all across the globe. In fact, most Good Feet Store owners were customers first. They too discovered the life-changing results from wearing Good Feet Arch Supports 발디의 수학교실 무료 다운로드.

Good Feet Arch Supports are manufactured in the USA using only the finest materials and designs. Most Good Feet Arch Supports are even warranted for life Download mr every day!

Thanks for your interest in Good Feet. We look forward to changing your life soon!